Supporting Change

There can be no doubt that our natural world is under threat from our human activities. It's not great to imagine that our jewellery practice could be contributing to this threat; which why we examine everything we do to try and ensure things are done as sustainably and environmentally responsibly as possible. 

But we believe that if we are going to turn the tide together we need to do more than create an environmental neutral in our activities - we need to make a positive impact on the world.

The tracks of animals and their landscapes have given us our inspiration - so we want to give back to them as much as we can. Through Work For Good we have been able start helping.

The Charities We Support:


Our first collection 'The Way' is inspired by bird tracks and we are delighted that this collection will help support the work of the RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). 

'The RSPB works for a world richer in nature. They protect our shared home at land and sea, save wild birds and wildlife from extinction, and educate and inspire people to get closer to nature. While birds are their focus, the RSPB works to save all nature.
With the world in crisis, we’re facing our biggest challenge yet. But we’re all part of nature and nature is the best defence we have – supporting human wellbeing and providing sustainable, natural solutions to the climate emergency. Together we can give nature a home. And save our own.'



WWF-UK do so much to help us build a more sustainable future that will support nature and the wildlife that depends on it - and they urgently need our help. You can find out more about their crucial work here.

'Take action for your world! Our world is under threat like never before. We need a global deal for nature and people to reverse the decline. Help us build a movement of people calling for change – support our campaigns for a safe climate, clean oceans and forests filled with wildlife.'