Orme-Brown is taken from the surname of British designer and jeweller Georgie Orme-Brown.

The concept of jewellery that ‘leaves only footprints’ was born from a creative exploration of the transient traces left in the earth, coupled with strong sustainability principles. The design process began by examining the shadows falling within animal footprints impressed in sand and snow, as well as the landscapes that surround them. Translating these patterns into designs that represent the journey of these tracks.




The notion of representing a journey fascinated Georgie during her time studying Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. She had embarked on a period of international exploration before settling into her studies, and these experiences and consequential environmental awareness have continued to have a strong influence on her work and life.

Georgie then spent several years working in the jewellery industry at various fine jewellery houses across the south of England - in Bath, Bristol and London - accumulating and honing a wide range of design and goldsmithing skills, both modern and traditional. She then settled in Bath and established her studio in 2019.

Orme-Brown Contemporary Fine Jewellery Tracks and Traces Inspiration

Since returning to her own creative work and developing collections of jewellery Georgie has explored the theme of transient traces and tracks more closely. Discovering a new appreciation of these marks and the fragile beauty of traces that exist so fleetingly. Her work aiming to capture these single moments in time, to hold them in our hands and on our bodies.

For Georgie a footprint is a sacred impression that will never come again in the same way. We can not ever retrace our footsteps perfectly, every step forges a new path. Within a world in flux a footprint is a single moment of still, a reflection of an impression on the earth. Before that moment catches up to the rest of the world and is blown away again by the wind or rain. Every one different, every one an evolution from the last, however small.