Precious Metals

Gold, Platinum & Silver

Our collections are made in recycled silver, gold and platinum. At the end of 2020 we were delighted to become a Fairmined Gold licensee and now offer this option for bespoke and made-to-order pieces. We will be introducing some Fairmined Gold pieces into our ready-to-wear collections very soon. Our jewellery is cast in these recycled or Fairmined precious metals and then hand finished and assembled in our Bath studio. 

The source of the recycled silver, gold, and alloy metals for casting comes from scrap and other post-consumer sources. So the content of these metals is 100% recycled material.

For the Recycled Silver, Gold and Platinum used in casting our bullion supplier abides to the following rules:

·  All products are produced using scrap material that has been purchased in. This scrap metal can come from sources ranging from the jewellery industry, to industrial residues, used electronic scrap, automotive and industrial catalysts and fuel cells.

·  During the scrap purchasing process they verify where the material has come from and what it has been used for to ensure that they are not buying from conflict areas and that the material is not newly mined.

·  The material can come in through many countries but they all stick to the above rules.



In addition to the main cast elements of the jewellery, we also use other elements called ‘findings’ which are the things like chain, clasps and wire.

The wire I use is 100% recycled. The chain we have used in our current collections is made from metal of unknown origin but we are moving towards offering a range of handmade chains made in 100% recycled or Fairmined Gold. 

The clasps we use are made from metal of unknown origin. We are striving for all of our pieces to be made entirely of sustainable materials so we are always looking for new sources that may be able to supply us with claps made from traceable gold. In parallel to our sourcing efforts we are developing plans to produce our own clasps. 


Gold Plating:

Many of our recycled silver pieces are part-plated with gold to achieve mixed colour finishes. We became a Fairmined Gold licensee at the end of 2020 and are delighted that our gold-plated silver pieces are now plated with 18ct Fairmined Gold.

As we make this transition to having all of our silver pieces plated with Fairmined Gold please bare in mind that some of our existing stock on our website will still have gold-plating from unknown sources. The product description will always specify and if you would like a piece plated in Fairmined Gold please contact us and we'll be happy to help.