The TipToe Philosophy

The Origins

When this jewellery practice was founded it was under the name TipToe Jewellery. The name TipToe was originally chosen as it encompassed both our commitment to tread lightly on the environment and also the primary design inspiration - the patterns of footprints animals have left in the earth. 

Although we have now evolved into Orme-Brown, all of the principles and ideals that went into TipToe remain steadfastly at our core and have become our working philosophy. 

 One Founding Principle: 

To operate sustainably, responsibly and for the good of the environment.   

There is no mark or trace that is left on the earth without consequence, everything is connected. Although a trace may vanish, the effects of its existence will ripple out. Sometimes inertly and beautifully, sometimes not. The ripple effect of our human footprints on the earth are being felt more keenly now than ever before.

With every step we take we have an impact on the environment around us. Although our footprints are fleeting, their effects are not. We reduce our impact as much as possible with eco studio practices.

We create jewellery you can be proud to wear by using recycled or Fairmined precious metals, and recycled, Canadian or Carbon Neutral Lab-Grown Diamonds. Coloured gemstones are carefully sourced through traceable, ethical and trusted partners. 

It is no longer enough to operate within the traditional supply chains and with traditional practices. They were not established with sustainability in mind - and we need to fix them. It’s time to ensure that the businesses we run, the places we work, the homes we live in, the products we buy, do not cost the earth. The time for complacency has passed. 

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The Marks We Make

This is jewellery with purpose. Each piece a defender of the natural world, a campaigner for change. By wearing sustainable jewellery and sharing its story we can help safeguard our environment and future. 

To find out more about our sustainable practices, materials and initiatives please visit our Sustainability pages.