Your jewellery needs care and attention to keep it looking its best, protect it from wear and tear, and to help it last for a lifetime of enjoyment with you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about how to best look after your Orme-Brown pieces.


Jewellery Care Instructions

When getting ready, put your jewellery on last. Avoid contact with perfumes and moisturisers. Cosmetics can leave behind a residue that will make the metal appear dull, and the chemicals in cosmetics can also tarnish the metal.

Take your jewellery off before going in chlorinated or salt water, or exercising. Contact with any of these mild chemicals or sweat can also cause tarnishing.

Remove your jewellery before any activity where it could get knocked or damaged – even the washing up.

Store your jewellery separately in its box whenever you are not wearing it - this will avoid it rubbing against other jewellery and getting scratched.

Cleaning your jewellery regularly will keep it looking its best. You can do this at home with a soft brush and warm mild soapy water. Work gently around the jewellery with the brush and then dry thoroughly. You can use a polishing cloth (only with your solid gold pieces) on polished areas of your jewellery but not the matt/textured areas.

Different diamonds and gemstones need different care. If your jewellery contains a diamond or gemstone please get in touch for further information on caring for your specific stone.


If you have gold-plated silver jewellery:

Gold-plating is a thin layer of gold that is applied to the surface of the silver via the process of electroplating. The plating can rub off in time if the jewellery receives significant wear and tear. Because they receive the most wear – the gold plating on rings will rub off the fastest.

To help your gold-plated jewellery last follow the above care instructions but do not use a silverpolishing cloth or anything abrasive as this could rub the plating off. Be sure to store your gold plated jewellery separately as rubbing against other jewellery will also cause the gold plating to wear. 


Orme-Brown After Care Services


If your piece requires a repair we recommend that you return it us as soon as possible and do not wear your piece if you suspect that it is damaged.

Most small repairs will be complimentary. If your piece has received significant damage and the repair is likely to require more time and materials then there will be a charge for this service.


Ring Resizes

Most of our gold rings are able to be resized if needed but we recommend making sure to order your ring in the correct size wherever possible. We will assist you in finding your correct ring size.

If you do need a resize then we will carry this out if it is suitable for the ring design you have chosen. In some cases a resize is not advisable and we will inform you of this. If the ring is from our collections (not bespoke) and has not been worn then you will be able to exchange it for a ring in the correct size.

If you require a small adjustment in ring size shortly after your purchase this will complimentary. Otherwise our resizing service is a chargeable service and will vary depending on the type of ring and the amount by which the size needs to be altered.

We are unable to resize silver rings. If they are from our collections (not bespoke) and have not been worn then they can be exchanged for a ring of the correct size.


Cleaning, Polishing and Refinishing

You can return your gold pieces to us at any time for a complimentary cleaning, polishing and refinishing service. Although it is tempting, we don't recommend refinishing your pieces more than around every 3-5 years, or longer if your piece doesn't receive significant wear. Often a thorough clean is all that's needed to give your piece some new life.

We are able to offer a cleaning service for our silver jewellery but due to the finishing techniques and gold plating on our silver pieces we are not able to offer a polishing or refinishing service for our silver jewellery.