We offer Recycled, Canadian & Carbon-Neutral Lab-Grown Diamonds


We love recycled diamonds! Reusing a stone from an unworn and unloved piece of jewellery and giving it a new lease of life is for us a very satisfying process. By reusing our existing materials we are also closing the loop on production and creating a sustainable model for the future. 

We are able to source a wide range of recycled diamonds. There is very good availability in classic white diamonds in all the traditional calibrated cuts. Older and antique diamonds also provide unusual ‘old cut’ and ‘irregular cut’ stones which are truly unique. Along with our favourite ‘step cut’ or ‘carre cut’ diamonds which celebrate linear facets and were popular in the Art Deco era.

When using recycled diamonds it’s important to acknowledge that they have had a previous life and (usually only under a microscope) there may be some signs of wear. We endeavour to be extremely discerning with our selection of recycled diamonds and would seek only the best quality where any signs of wear are so minimal as to be unnoticeable with the naked eye and not to effect the beauty and vitality of the stone.



The Canadian diamonds we use in our collections and bespoke pieces are typically the smaller (0.9mm-1.3mm in size) round brilliant cut diamonds and these stones are certified Canadamark stones. 

We can also source CanadaMark diamonds in larger sizes for central stones in some traditional cuts like Round Brilliant, Oval and Cushions cuts. 

‘All Canadamark diamonds are responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and people living in the community. All mines that are part of the Canadamark program must meet Canada’s stringent environmental regulations, and many go above and beyond. We pride ourselves on our transparency throughout the mining process, and that’s why all Canadamark diamonds are tracked through independent, audited process at every stage from the mine of origin to the polished stone.’  - CanadaMark


Carbon-Neutral Lab-Grown in 1.0ct+


We are excited to offer Carbon-Neutral Lab-Grown diamonds sourced from an exceptional foundry in San Francisco. Sustainably grown in America in a hydropowered foundry, then masterfully cut and polished internationally by craftsmen in the foundry’s own workshops.

‘The stones are cultivated above ground using modern-day craftsmanship. Real diamonds, atomically identical to earth’s. Powered by eco-friendly good energy with zero carbon footprint. It begins with a thin slice of diamond. This contains the atomic blueprint for a new diamond to form. Carbon is added in a plasma reactor that reaches 10,000℉. Atom by Atom, the diamond lattice forms. The process by which diamonds form in nature is re-created. A unique stone emerges, each diamond is one-of-a-kind.' - Diamond Foundry

These diamonds can offer unparalleled environmental peace-of-mind as well as being an economical choice for high impact pieces. They are available in all traditional calibrated diamond cuts in sizes above approximately 1.0ct.



Lab-Grown Diamonds under 1.0ct

For lab-grown stones under approximately 1.0ct, we source these through our trusted partner based in USA. They in turn source these stones from a producer in India where the stones are grown and cut. The facility in India is certified SCS which provides reassurance that theirs is a sustainable operation.

'Consumers are increasingly demanding that the diamonds they purchase meet the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility, protecting people and the planet. SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds, the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard developed for the diamond sector, satisfies this demand.' -SCS

To find out more about SCS certification please click here.


Product descriptions will always contain all specific material origin information but if you require any more information we would be happy to answer any of your questions.