Dynamic Dunescapes Feature

Dynamic Dunescapes Feature

  -  27.08.20 DYNAMIC DUNESCAPES Feature  - 


Dynamic Dunescapes


Dynamic Dunescapes is a valuable project to rejuvenating some of England & Wales' most important sand dunes for people, communities and wildlife.

We were delighted to write a feature for their blog about our work and the ways in which we are inspired by dunes: ‘Footprints in the Sand - A jewellery journey’.


TipToe Jewellery Tracks in the Sand


‘There is something about sand and sand dunes that has always captured my imagination. The way sand flows through your fingertips, the mesmerising way it falls through an egg-timer and how the invisible wind can create huge, graceful yet fickle dunes.’

To read the full feature visit their blog here.

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