Fair Luxury Provenance Pledge

Fair Luxury Provenance Pledge

-  04.02.21 Fair Luxury Provenance Pledge  -


Fair Luxury is a hugely important organisation within the jewellery industry for makers who are passionate about using fair, ethical and sustainable materials. 

'Fair Luxury is an independent collective of jewellery industry changemakers with a shared vision for a responsible and sustainable future for people and planet. We believe that together we can create a more equitable industry.'

Thankfully the provision and use of ethical materials is becoming more widespread but just a few short years ago this was not the case. Searching for ethical materials was often a lonely, frustrating and long road. Fair Luxury created a place where like-minded people could come together as a community and share their information, sources and journeys. It is not understatement to say that the creation of Fair Luxury has been transformational for the industry and conscious makers.

Their latest initiative to spur on makers is the Provenance Pledge. 




Those who make the Fair Luxury Pledge each promise to:

Conserve and restore the environment
Work in a way that is responsible, transparent and accountable
Play a role in educating and empowering others

This February we have taken the pledge! We are busy designing new pieces and engagement rings for our collections and our pledge goal is to make these in exciting new sustainable materials that we haven't used before - Fairmined Gold and Carbon-Neutral Lab-Grown diamonds. 

You can find out more about Fair Luxury here.


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