TipToe becomes Orme-Brown

TipToe becomes Orme-Brown

2020 was a year of incubation for TipToe. With the extra time on my hands I have had the valuable opportunity to reflect on where I want the business to go and the ways in which I want to work. Taking part in the Craft Councils Hothouse program during 2020 has played a pivotal role in allowing me to examine my practice and plan its future in this way.

As the year came to a close I made the decision that, although beloved, my business name ‘TipToe’ was reaching the end of its tenure as a brand name that would be able to fully reflect all of my creative interests and everything I hope to achieve with the business.

I love the name TipToe and it won’t be disappearing completely as we are absorbing everything about why I chose the name the in the first place into our business philosophy - The TipToe Philosophy. 

We are committed to using the business as a vehicle for environmental and social benefit wherever we can. As we take gold, diamonds and gemstones from the earth, we must give something back.

What's in a name?

In August 2020 when the restrictions had partially lifted, I was lucky enough to have a small family ceremony and marry my partner Graham. As well as becoming my partner in life, he will also some day soon become my full-time partner in building this jewellery practice. 

In order for us both to keep our family heritage and to symbolise our equal partnership in marriage and life we have brought our two surnames together into our new shared surname - Orme-Brown. 

When I began my practice I decided to name it with a word instead of after myself as I thought that would give me a larger playing field on which to work. And TipToe perfectly encompassed everything I was about that it all seemed meant to be. 

But as I have gotten to know myself and my business better I have come full circle on this idea and come to realise that naming my business after myself is what will give me carte blanche to explore any of the many aesthetics, concepts and materials which I love. 

2021 is shaping up to be a great year and we are looking forward excitedly as Orme-Brown.


- Georgie O-B




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